Monday 11 April 2016

Car Technology Moves on the UK

Driverless cars.

There as an allusion to this technology in my book Cold Suspenders. The technology mentioned there is more about “safety” control, and would could happen if the authorities could override the control of your car (more than just speed limiting).

Britain is leading the way globally in the adoption of driverless vehicles on national roads. While countries including the United States, Japan and Germany are all competing to accelerate the commercial acceptance of autonomous transport, Britain has developed a national consensus and regulatory roadmap that others lack completely.

Autonomous driving features, including automatic braking and lane-departure sensors, are becoming common. A recent study shows that British motorists choose to buy cars which have that technology as an optional extra Probably people are willing to pay more to gain access to enhanced safety benefits.

58% of new cars sold in the UK have some form of autonomous driving system in place, collision warning being the most common. 39% of cars now have emergency braking capabilities, and 32% have adaptive cruise control.

SMMT last year found that serious accidents could fall by more than 25,000, saving 2,500 lives every year by 2030, as a result of driverless vehicle technology.

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