Friday 20 February 2015

Priestwood and Garth, Facebook page.

Again; it is such a long time since I blogged. I suppose the coming of the next election has reminded me of keeping connected with people. I am a member of several Facebook sites, and have joined The Priestwood & Garth page at . I expect to contributing there soon.
Priestwood and Garth Conservative team members.
 Graham, Alvin, Tina, aided by Jessica and Oliver.
The Priestwood & Garth Conservative Team have had regular walkabouts. The amount of walking about will be increasing soon when the election starts. We have already been out delivering good news about your Conservative run council. During the election period we along with the other parties will be delivering more literature.

Please read the literature that you get from Parliamentary, Borough and  Town candidates. This will help make your mind up as to how to vote.

You can also follow your local Conservatives on Facebook at
and the website at .