Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Internet is worth £100bn to the UK economy, more than 7% of national income, according to a report.
British consumers' willingness to shop online is powering the Internet's expansion, and has the biggest e-commerce market in the world when measured by the amount spent per capita.

The report also highlights the success of small firms in using the Internet to boost global sales. Online businesses have become so skilled at selling overseas that the UK now exports goods and services worth £2.80 for every £1 it imports. 

This is perhaps good news for the the economy, but one wonders about the knock on effect to the high street.
As I mused in 

Recent articles in the press have been about slow broadband speeds.
In the above article , I wonder how much time opening Outlook is down to the computer, and what is actually the broadband speed. For a lot of applications even half a Meg works well. For downloads and YouTube type things you ant something quicker. I have noticed that a lot of peoples internet homepages are full of junk. much better to have a blank page or set to something like google classic. Very often people on BT lines forget to put filters on other phone sockets, hobble their broadband speed, and get cut off when the phone rings.
But I do understand that people in rural areas do have problems with the distance from the exchange.

When I started the "Ask Alvin" business 5 years ago, almost everyone was on dial-up, and just moving on to Windows XP. Now most people are on broadband. A lot of people are sill using XP, but recently everyone appears to be moving to Windows 7, having skipped Vista.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

New Garth Hill College

I was invited to a preview of the excellent new Garth hill College.
The central movement area is huge.

The IT classrooms are well equipped.

And there are some "Dual Purpose" rooms.

Linking corridors allow staff to monitor.

I will just let the pictures say the rest for the time being. 

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Ale and Cider

I see that there is an article in the Bracknell News about Berkshire Pubs week. 

Branches of Camra are getting together to highlight the role that pubs play. The Berkshire South East Branch of Camra will hold an open evening from in the Priest’s Room at The Old Manor in Grenville Place, Bracknell.
This is all very good, but I am tying to cut down on this kind of stuff. (from a waist and monetary point of view  The price of beer has gone sky high. It is only places like the Old Manor that are generally affordable. There are other places that are reasonable, but let's hope that the current government sees that places where alcohol is regulated by licence are better for us all.
ANYWAY - Don't  miss the Steam fair at the 'Bottle. It has been going on for years-on-end. I used to Morris dance there more years ago that I care to remember.

I am hoping that with extend dog walking and more Gym  stuff that I will start to feel, and be fitter. The first session in the gym might have been a bit too easy. (Don't tell my trainer that) I think that we will start to up the excercice very quickly.

Great new today that the town Council got a Gold award in Bracknell in Bloom!

Oh dear - At least I had a good rest today - Tomorrow I think will be hectic.

Must try and blog more! Must try and get as fit as I was in the photo.