Sunday 29 November 2009


It was good to see that Bracknell (Website - Facebook ) managed an away win at Sutton and Epson. The season started in good form with Bracknell beating Jersey who are the current leaders at 55 points ahead of Old Albanians at 46, and Bracknell at 44. In previous years I have travelled to the away matches with Diane, sometimes staying overnight in some interesting places. We have even had two trips to Launceston. It has been annoying not being able to make it to any away games this year.

It is also very frustrating not being able to get to either of the home matches in December. Other commitments have to be fulfilled. Bracknell are playing North Walsham on the 5th, and Old Albanians on the 19th. Old Albanians beat Bracknell 10 - 6 at the away game, so we should look forward to a good home win. Having a reasonably successful first team is a great spur to the junior teams. In fact the Junior and Mini teams, at their level might sometimes even be out performing the Seniors.

I am sure that there will be a very convivial atmosphere at the Christmas lunch with Old Albanians. We will wish them well, and hope that we win.

Monday 9 November 2009

Bracknell Standard

Very good of them to write about me.
It amused a few friends.
I did a question and answer session for the Bracknell Standard -