Friday, 22 January 2010

Dr Phillip Lee

There was a question on another blog about the Conservative candidate for the next General Election. I thought that I may as well post the information here as well with a few useful links.
Dr Phillip Lee has already been on many “walkabouts” in the constituency despite the weather. The reception he has received has been most encouraging. People are impressed by his sincerity and integrity. There have also been deliveries of old fashioned leaflets through the doors. The literature has been somewhat slow going
out due to the weather situation. You can read the thing (in PDF format) at

The Conservative party has a Facebook page for local Conservatives at and Phillip has a page at

If you are really passionate about a better future for tomorrow, why not join the campaign, donate, or just get involved at

Why not go that bit further - join the Conservative Party and Make Change Happen.


  1. Its ok to mention that other Blog 80) and link it?

    Phillip has done well to get out in the cold weather. I expect Phillip will win and im sure he will do a good job. So good luck!

  2. fedupwiththelotofthem15 February 2010 at 22:13

    He won't win - there is a UKIP man standing, who is a real Conservative, not a Cameroon stooge who stands for the LibLabCon status quo.

  3. Today 18th Feb will be recorded in history as Cast Iron(-hoof?) Dave's and Nick Herberk's gay day before the big day.
    The traditional Tory vote has just gone west to the UKIP or BNP.