Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Thaw Spot

The Bracknell Standard says "Bracknell is getting back to normal this morning". Well it did on Monday Morning anyway.
Barney the Rough Collie is still enjoying the snow. On Monday evening's walk across the Elms recreation ground we came across some Eskimo types. Maybe Inuits? Igloo dwellers of some type. I thought it best to take a 'photo from a little way back, and not directly into the entrance, so as not to disturb the occupants who were giggling away.

The BBC news web site tells us how Councils and staff at some schools worked throughout the weekend to clear snow to ensure students could sit their GCSE, AS and A-level exams. The Daily Express tells us of just one of many stories of how people have pulled together to help their neighbours. It says a man used his 4x4 to tow an ambulance to a house. He then braved snowdrifts to find an off-duty midwife who arrived with just minutes to spare.

In the Bracknell Standard Council leader Paul Bettison is quoted as saying: “We’re doing what we can to maintain essential services and protect and care for our residents but everyone can help in the effort to keep the borough moving. “We’re asking people to shovel, sweep and salt if they are able to and to check on their neighbours to make sure they have essential supplies and to give them a bit of company as they might not be able to get out during these conditions.”

There is a planned programme of refuse and recycling collection.
The council is prioritise collection of household waste from flats (where there is already a weekly collection) to reduce fire risk.

Subject to the weather, the council will operate a limited waste collection service for refuse only for the remainder of the week, and residents are asked to put their refuse bins out in a safe place from Wednesday, January 14.
There is more detail at www.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/abc

Thaw spots where the gritting, and shoveling have been greatest. Too much shoveling might be bad for one. Following an afternoon of shovelling snow, I had great difficulty lifting my pint of refreshing and invigorating liquid. My right arm is quite stiff. Still, It was good to see people in our road clearing their bits, and bits next to the other neighbours.

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