Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Wrapping up RSS and smashing atoms

This was an interesting exercise. I had to do several things that I had done before, but it was a bit like relearning some of it. Seems like the things I learnt 30 years ago stay in my memory better that thing from 30 days ago.

The thing is now created though, and I have a bracknellblog.com wrapper around the Blogger blog stuff. The wrapper picks up the things from blogger using RSS. I am using php rather than a script (must remember to call the files php not htm or html) to include the RSS stream. This meant remembering how the Wamp server worked, and where to put stuff in directories. All easy really one I remembered where I put it all.

WAMP includes Apache 2, MySQL, and PHP 5. Once installed, it just works. There was a fiddly bit with the RSS and rssinclude. I had not used that site before, but it did make it easy. I should probably now revist http://www.bracknellcomputers.com/virus.php and tweak that a bit. The RSS part there is a bit clunky.

It was interesting picking up a website template off the web. A lot of the positioning of stuff is done through Cascading Style Sheets CSS. I thing that I really should pay more attention to. It can make things look quite pretty, but is not always obvious in use. I always fell much happier handcoding HTML. I suppose it is the sort of way I feel better using Assembler to produce code instead of somthing like C++ as one can see exactly what the computer is doing, and where one is heading.
Thinking of Assembler, I must get around to visiting the National Computer Musem at Bletchley Park. They have a Elliott 905 computer there that it would be nice to see again.
The 920 was a millitary version.

Oh dear. A lot of techy type stuff here.

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