Sunday, 12 July 2009

Not together at all

Well I give up on joining social networks and blogs together.
What with multiple posts, no posts and general lumpiness.
It may be a good thing though. Having spent the afternoon wading though 600 unlooked at emails on my AOL/AIM address, and some hundreds more in other accounts, I think it is best that these things are not coupled together anyway. I still have loads of seminar (have to pay to go) invites on the council email, and load of junk from Microsoft, and Yahoo in those accounts.
At least in the "junk" accounts that I use to sign up for things(they promise NEVER to give your email away) I don't have to look too hard before I hit the delete button.

At least in those "junk" accounts I don't have to eyeball the junk and spam folders. It is so annoying to find a week or a month old message in either the spam or junk boxes, when it is perfectly valid. I suppose I find much the same problem with snail mail. Useful things get hidden under the junk, and find their way to the recycling bin. The trouble is whenever you want to check the real or virtual bin for accidents a garbage collector has always been by the day before.
I did go through a stage of rechecking the bins before putting them out, but Diane thought I was bonkers.

Facebook seems to be the one everyone communicates with, I have not had many people link up to me on myspace, windows live, yahoo, or whatever else I did and can't remember much about now. Playing with these things comes in handy though, just in case a customer needs help with suchlike.

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