Saturday, 25 July 2009

Ancient eyesore

It dominatates Bracknell.
It dominates Priestwood and Garth.
The toothless hag of Winchester House.

More and more often now when I am out walking the dog I will see people standing staring, and somtimes what looks like pouting. They are looking at the skanky skyline.

BBC Berkshire says "It's awful, horrible, an eyesore and a mess. That is the verdict of Bracknell residents on the state of Winchester House building in Bracknell. Now Milton Land, owners of the former 3M building, have been ordered by the council to clean it up."

Residents questioned by BBC Berkshire reporter Sabi Phagura said they would prefer to see the building pulled down, blown up or turned it into a hospital.

Bracknell Forest Council say that:

The section 215 notice served on Miltonland Ltd, the owner of Winchester House, means that the building, which has been repeatedly vandalised and damaged by fire, will be made safe and brought up to a decent safe and presentable condition.

The owners of the building now have four months to carry out the improvements, which include:

*The removal of all broken glass;

*The boarding up of all broken windows with clean wood;

*The closure of all glazed openings for two storeys above the market;

*Repainting of fire damaged panels;

*Removal and painting over of graffiti from the exterior of the building;

*Blocking up of access where it has been vandalised on the ground floor;

*To finish the external face of the building.

We can only hope.
But maybe blowing it up would be much more satisfying?

A bit of Googling brings up BBC Bristol and Westmorland House.

Sounds familliar!

Comer Homes bought the plot in 1989 but has not been able to agree plans for its development with the city council.

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