Thursday, 11 August 2011

Bracknell / Thames Valley Policing

The whole Thames Valley Police area was reported very quiet last night. This was perhaps due in some part to the intermittent showers of rain. The Police are prepared for any potential events.

BFC Cllr Iain McCracken has been in touch with DCC Hapgood who reported that there were no arrests for disorder and the minor incidents that did occur were very quickly resolved. The incidents earlier in the week in Reading have been swiftly followed up with the Crown Prosecution Service and strong sentences are expected. 

The Police  have reported very little adverse activity in Bracknell Forest. Currently the local Police have three times the usual number of officers in the town centre and are engaging with people in the community to check the concerns of local residents. From this they picked up concerns from local children who are frightened by what they have seen on TV. There has been evidence of malicious rumours which have mainly been circulating through social media. Monitoring of social media channels is being regularly performed for further information.

The Police are working to a clear patrol plan across the Borough covering specific difficult areas and have stepped up the number of available officers. They would welcome any information or concerns people have so they then can issue a reassurance to residents.

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