Friday, 4 March 2011

British Beer

Having just been out for a (late beer at 10pm ish) (Plough and Harrow) after a meeting,  on returning home I was very taken by a post on Facebook.about our brewing heritage.
Some booze in supermarkets may be too cheap. There is no end of Larger at rock bottom prices.On the other hand a decent bottle of wine has become very expensive. Why are we not encouraging more sensible drinking in our local Public Houses? Places where drinking is regulated by a licensee. If the Landlord of a Pub sees someone too intoxicated he can refuse to to serve them.I enjoy My beer, cider and wine, and am not just out to get drunk. A pub is a place where people socialise.We have lots of social intercourse.
Anyway back to the Facebook post. Have a look at this: produced by the Society of Independent Brewers.

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