Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bird feeding

It was good to see a large flock of fieldfares feeding in the trees in the back garden. Pigeons have had a go at eating them before but usually end up falling out of the tree. We try to put out food for all the birds at this time of year, as it can get very difficult for them.
See the RSPB site.
Most years nothing appears to eat these berries, and I did wonder about pruning the trees back. Just a well that I saved energy and left them.

It is hard to see them in the video, as I did not want to frighten them by getting to close. I am also recovering from a nasty virus, and did NOT want to go out in the cold.
The shaking about of the branches that you can see is the birds jumping about and feeding. Sometimes they nearly fall off, just like the bigger birds,

I have blown up the picture here, but the bird is well camouflaged.

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