Thursday, 15 April 2010

Blog Time

How do people get the time to sit and write interesting Blogs?
I get a few ideas together, but to link them up properly, and then make sense in a few words, takes time.
Perhaps I could spend less time of Facebook and Farmville? Facebook is useful for catching up with people, but Farmville is too addictive. I am not sure how to make time between work, housework council and political stuff.

On the subject of political stuff, canvassing takes up time, but is interesting to do. The Priestwood and Garth councillors try to do walkabouts quite often. With the election coming up the pace gets rather frantic. It will all happen again next year, when there are the local elections for Town and Borough.

I seem to be coming across a lot of fake virus alerts just recently. It would be good to know just how these things sneak on to people computers. There is a very useful guide to removing it HERE.

And to take up more of my time, there is an interesting event on at the Bull. The last meeting was attended by General election candidate Phillip Lee and the Borough Mayor Bob Wade. Nat West have kindly agreed to sponsor the food for the latest event. More HERE. It is all about local people and local Business.

On the subject of the election again, you can catch up with some stuff at the BBC - Dr Phillip and others on the Politics Show, and the Andrew Peach programme - Highlights HERE.

At least I got this written while waiting for a Windows Update on a clients computer to finish.

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