Thursday, 31 December 2009

Barney takes us on holiday

It was our wedding anniversary just before Christmas, so we decided to have a short break away.

Some searching of the internet identified a pub in West Lulworth, Dorset. We are both familiar with the surrounding places such as Durdle door, Lulworth Cove and Corfe Castle. The pub had the added attractions of being dog friendly and a range of about a dozen different ciders. I sold Diane of the place by telling here about the seaside, and the long walks with us and Barney the Rough Collie. I told her about the best attraction once we had agreed, and booked it.

The Castle Inn very obliging sent us a brochure, and a good bit of tourist authority bumf about the area. The best bit was the stuff about the range of Cider, and Perry. This can be found on the website of the pub.

We did have a good time there, with plenty of walking of the dog, good food, and drink. We had a visit to Wareham, where I bought a great new jacket, and cap in what must be one of the few proper “men’s’” shops left. They have a website that tells just a little bit about them HERE.

While we were away, it turns out that there was so much weather, that the Rugby game against Old Albanians was canc
elled. That means that we can now see it. Let’s just hope for a good win for Bracknell!

I made some notes about the Cider we sampled while away, I must get them down in print soon.


  1. Hi Alvin,

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to The Castle Inn and Lulworth Cove.

    We hope to see you both and Barney again (sorry about the delay in getting the photo online). Will look out for your notes on the ciders!

    Cheers and Happy New Year, Alex.

  2. I sill have to find the yellow list that I made notes on. I can remember some, but...