Sunday, 27 September 2009

There have been all sorts or rumors flying about about the selection of the replacement for Andrew MacKay MP.
One wonders where some of them come from
The short list of seven has now been finalised.

I see that blogger Norfolk Blogger has been getting excited over this for some time.

Richard Willis's Blog has a good deal of interesting stuff...

"I am told that Bracknell Conservatives have selected their short-list of seven to replace sitting MP Andrew MacKay who is standing down. I am seeking final confirmation but I believe that they are:

Iain Dale – top Conservative blogger, author and publisher. Iain stood in Norfolk North at the last election.

Rory Stewart – author and former Army officer. I worked with Rory in the Foreign Office after the Iraq invasion. He was appointed Governor of Di Qar province in Iraq and is also famous for walking across Afghanistan in 2002

Kate Lindsay – was previously shortlisted for Hampshire East

Julia Manning – stood in Bristol East at the 2005 General Election

Philip Lee – a Doctor and project director of Conservative Friends of Bangladesh

Ryan Robson – an investment banker and Chairman of the Centre for Social Justice’s Looked After Children Working Group.

Margaret Doyle – a Westminster Councillor"

I include the quote because there are some handy links in there.
I have collected some of my own, but please "Google" for more. All of these people have impressive backgrounds. We have yet to see who will impress the average Bracknell voter the most. I wonder if Norfolk blogger will be right in his analysis? Googling is not the "be all and end all" of people of course. We have yet to learn more about what these people have done, and how they could benefit Bracknell and the country.

Iain Dale

Rory Stewart

Kate Lindsay

Julia Manning

Philip Lee

Ryan Robson

Margaret Doyle

Remember to book your place to listen to these people and decide on who is best for Bracknell.

UPDATE - The official list is now available - HERE

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  1. I don't know that I was excited, just pleased to have alomost got a scoop.

    I wish Iain well. I fought unbeleivably hard to stop him winning in North Norfolk in 2005 when I was vice chairman of North Norfolk Lib Dems and a District Councillor. In my opinion though he was on a hiding to nothing. North Nortfolk Lib Dems are as organised a local party as you will find anywhere in the UK and Iain didn't stand a chance with a popular MP like Norman Lamb in North Norfolk. However, Iain's effort impressed people and without him they'd have lost by 15,000, not 10,000.

    I wish Iain luck and if I lived in Bracknell I'd attend and vote for him in the Tory selection.