Thursday, 13 August 2009

It is good to see that there will be more improvements at Bracknell Railway station.

The new footbridge is already an excellent addition to the station. The new sighting has caught me/us out several times, though, and when retuning to Bracknell by train I used to know where to sit to be next to the bridge when the train arrived at Bracknell. I am having to re-learn where to get on the train. We had a minor panic the other day, running the wrong way down the platform to cross over to the reading side, when we suddenly realised that the old bridge was no longer there.

Bracknell Forest Council, is in a partnership with South West Trains and Network Rail in this project, and the Bracknell Regeneration Partnership has also donated a segment of land to enable landscaping of the site.

This will transform Bracknell station and forms part of the regeneration work taking place in Bracknell town centre.

More at BBC news. More at the Bracknell Forest Council planning online documents

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